Friday, November 17, 2006

Devotional note for Jeremiah 21-33

Devotional Note for Jeremiah 21-33

Jeremiah 21-33 profoundly enlighten me of God’s heart and passion for ungodly and sinful generation.

Chapter 21-24: God condemns the unrighteous and evil kings who do not obey God (21:1-23:8), the deceitful prophets who distort the word of the living God (23:9-40) and the ‘poor figs’---depraved people who do not repent (24:1-10). They had forsaken the covenant of the Lord their God and had worshiped and served other gods (22:8-9). Judgment will come (22:25), but great restoration will also take place, particularly through a Davidic King, a ‘righteous Branch’, who would be a good Shepherd of the remnant (23:3-6), blessing the remnant to be fruitful and increase in number!

Chapter 25-29: God conveys His grief over rebellious people and His wrath over unrighteous generation that always follows lies from the false prophets like Hananiah and Shemaiah, but persecutes the true prophets like Jeremiah and Uriah. Seventy years of captivity to Babylon is the punishment from God (25:8-11; 27:6-7,20,22). But Babylon itself will also be punished for their wicked deeds (25:12-14). Israel’s remnant will return (29:10-14).

Chapter 30-33: God consoles the northern kingdom of Israel and southern kingdom of Judah that there is divine purpose for exile (30:24), there is hope for return in the future (30:3; 31:8,17,21-22; 33:7); ungodly people are to undergo radical restoration (31:27-28; 32:42-44), individual repentance (31:29-30) and decisive renewal of covenant (31:31-34; 32:40-41; 33:19-22,25-26), particularly in the Messianic era (33:14-16). People will have singleness of heart and action thereafter (32:39)! Nothing is too hard for God; great are His purposes and mighty are His deeds (32:17,19,27)!

Meditation 1: God will not allow any problem to come to you that cannot be a learning, a turning, or an earning experience."

Meditation 2: Justice is the activity of God's holiness.


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