Friday, October 20, 2006

Devotional Note for Isaiah 24-27


Psalm 73:28: “It is good to be near God. I have made the Sovereign Lord my refuge; I will tell of all Your deeds.”

Mark 1:35: “Very early in the morning, while it was still dark, Jesus got up, left the house and went off to a solitary place, where He prayed.”

Deuteronomy 8:3, Matthew 4:4: “Man does not live on bread alone, but on every word that comes from the mouth of God.”

Date: 20th October 2006 (Friday)

Text: Isaiah 24-27

Discovery (Psalm 119:18-Open my eyes that I may see wonderful things in Your Law) A.C.T.I.O.N.S.

Adoration-for who God is

24:1—13,17-23; 27:1: God is a great and just Judge who will judge the whole earth and all cities that opposes Him. Social distinction provides no escape from the judgment (24:2). Satan and fallen angels will be punished too (24:21). God Almighty will reign on Mount Zion and in Jerusalem gloriously! Final judgment, ultimate and complete deliverance all are in God.

24:14-16: The godly remnant who survives judgment will adore God---raise their voices, shout for joy, acclaim God’s majesty, give glory to God, exalt the name of God, and sing “Glory to the Righteous One.”

25:3: The strong peoples and ruthless nations (such as Egypt and Assyria) will honor and revere God. Nothing is impossible with God!

25:9: A short song of praise---“Surely this is our God; we trust in Him and He saved us…Let us rejoice and be glad in His salvation!” “In that day” refers to the Day of the Lord, that is a time of judgment and blessing as God intervenes decisively in the affairs of the nations (2:11,17,20; 24:21) “The last days” in the Old Testament refers to the future generally, but it seems to have in view the Messianic era. The last days began with the first coming of Christ and will be fulfilled at the second coming. “I KNOW WHO HOLDS THE FUTURE AND I KNOW HE HOLDS MY HAND, WITH GOD THINGS DON’T JUST HAPPEN, EVERYTHING BY HIM IS PLANNED, SO AS I FACE TOMORROW WITH ITS PROBLEM LARGE AND SMALL, I’LL TRUST THE LORD OF MIRACLES, GIVE TO HIM MY ALL!”

26:7: God is the upright One who makes the way of the righteous smooth.

26:13: God’s name alone do we honor, no idols can compare with God!

27:12-13: Israel, in God’s judgment on the nations, has been dispersed, but will return to Jerusalem to worship God again.

Confession-for what I sin

24:5: For defiling the earth, disobeying Your Laws, violating the statutes, breaking the everlasting covenant, forgive me O Lord.

25:11: For pride within me, forgive me O Lord!

26:10-11: For not learning righteousness even though Your grace is shown & for not regarding Your majesty, forgive me O Lord. For not seeing Your hand and zeal for Your people, forgive me O Lord.

27:11: For not understanding God’s judgment and compassion, forgive me O Lord. Remind me of Romans 2:4: “Do you show contempt for the riches of His kindness, tolerance and patience, not realizing that God’s kindness leads you toward repentance?

27:18: For not bringing salvation to the earth and giving birth to people of the world, forgive me and the church, O Lord!

Thanksgiving-for what God does

25:1,4: God in perfect faithfulness has done marvelous things which are planned long ago. He has been the refuge for the poor and needy, a shelter from the storm, and a shade from the heat.

25:6-8: God has prepared a great and wonderful feast in the future, in which rich food given (symbolize great spiritual blessings, v.6), shroud that enfolds all peoples be destroyed (means resurrection, 25:7), death forever be swallowed up, tears wiped away from all faces (25:8a), and disgrace of His people be removed (25:8b). This is a direct reference to the final wedding supper of the Lamb (Revelation 19:9) and the glorious perfect heaven prepared for all people that have remained faithful to God (Revelation 21:4).

26:1: God make salvation our walls and rampart. Fear no evil!

26:5: God humbles those who dwell on high.

26:12: God establishes peace for me, all that I have accomplished God has done for me. To God be the glory!

26:16: God disciplines us.

Inspiring verse(s)-for what help it gives

25:4: “You have been a refuge for the poor, a refuge for the needy in his distress, a shelter from the storm and a shade from the heat.”

26:3-4: “You will keep in perfect peace him whose mind is steadfast because he trusts in You. Trust in the Lord forever, for the Lord, the Lord, is the Rock eternal.”

26:9: “My soul years for you in the night; in the morning my spirit longs for you.”

Obedience-for what it teaches or orders

26:9: I should walk in the way of God’s laws; God’s name and renown are to be the desire of my heart.

27:2-6: I must renounce lukewarmness toward the Lord. This vineyard song depicts Israel as “briers and thorns” in the vineyard, confronting God, not fully trusting in the Lord, like the other ungodly nations. This is the second vineyard song in the book of Isaiah (the first one in 5:1-7). ‘Vineyard’ refers to Israel.

Now-action-for what I must do

  1. Adore and praise God today by using 26:14-16, 27:1-9 and 28:1-21.
  1. Care for the poor, the needy, and those who are in storm of life, so that they know God as a refuge, a shelter and a shade (25:4). God’s salvation takes into account the lost, the last, and the least.
  1. Have steadfast mind, trust in God and have peace in Him (26:3-4) Peace of mind depends upon the strength of mind, and strength of mind comes from the vision of who my God is---my God is so BIG! No God, no peace; know God, know peace!
  1. My VISION is to see God’s hand and God’s zeal for people in everything I strive to do; my DESIRE is God’s name and renown; my MISSION is to bring salvation to the earth and to give birth to people of the world (26:7,11,18). See God’s hand and do not worry; desire God’s renown and do not live in self-gratification, be mission-minded and impact!

Supplication-for strength and wisdom to do


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